Tuesday, 17 September 2013

108 PICTURES: Old photo's of White Hart Lane 1899 to 2017

As we bid farewell to White Hart Lane, here are 110 photos of the place we call home that are bound to bring a lump to the throat of any Spurs fan who has attended the Lane regularly over the years. 

I have tried my best to get these in chronological order. 

The journey starts with three pictures from the very first game hosted at the lane, back in 1899.

4 Sept 1899 - White Hart Lanes first EVER match.

1903. I believe this to be the original East Stand. Note the Crush barriers on the Park Lane end.

Spurs v Aston Villa 1903, looking towards Park Lane/Shelf Side corner

Spurs v Sunderland, 1913. Note the uncovered Paxton end

The Paxton end, almost certainly from the Sunderland match in 1913

1911 v Blackburn Rovers


1922 - No roof on the Park Lane yet!

1923 from behind the Shelf Side, looking towards the West Stand

1923 from behind Park Lane

 1923 from behind The West Stand, looking towards the old Shelf Side 
 1923 from behind The West Stand, looking towards the old Shelf Side 

 1923 from behind The Paxton

Main Entrance in the 1930's

Early 30's. Note that Worcester Avenue still has houses where most of the new East Stand will go.

1933, with the soon to be built Shelf Side in the background.

1934 looking towards the Paxton. That's Sir Stanley Matthews about to hang a cross up.

1934 demolishing houses in Worcester Avenue (then known as Paxton Road) to build the new Shelf Side

1934 Shelf Side being constructed.

1934 Cleaning the West Stand cockerel while Shelf Side is constructed

1930's Park Lane

1935, England v Germany. The Shelf Side is full to bursting. 

The Old West Stand, 1938

Training 1938 style

Charlton v Arsenal during World War 2

1950 Team line up


1950 FA Cup Semi Final between Chelsea and Arsenal.

The replay of the same game, looking towards the West Stand/Paxton corner.

Spurs v Blackpool, 1950. Great shot of the Shelf and Park Lane.

1950's drawing

1950's Paxton/Shelf

1950's main entrance

Team shot in front of the all terraced Paxton

1951, Old West Stand

Great shot of the West Stand/Park Lane corner from 1953, before the corners were filled in.

1950's - A full Shelf

Covering the pitch in the 50's. Note the fully terraced Paxton and the small floodlights!

1950's, possibly v Man Utd

1950's aerial shot.

1950's, from in the Paxton looking out towards The Shelf
Park Lane/Shelf Side corner in 1957

Park Lane end of the Shelf Side from 1961

1960's view from The Shelf

1960's boxing at The Lane

Early 60's behind The Shelf


Great shot of the Paxton/West Stand corner when the Paxton was all terracing.
That's Benfica doing a bit of training before the 1962 European Cup Semi Final.

Main entrance. 1962 v Benfica.

A snowbound WHL in 1963

Mid 60's. A newly seated Paxton top tier

Main Entrance in the 1960's


George Best in front of the Shelf/Paxton corner in 1966

60's Old West Stand tunnel

Late 60's from the air.

Snowed off in 1969

Shelf side, late 60's

Late 60's

Main entrance, 1970

1971 v Arsenal

Coming off the Paxton in 1972

1970's looking towards The Shelf side

On the Paxton in 1977

Shelf in the 70's from the Park Lane end

Old West Stand. early 70's

Late 70's demolishing the old West Stand

1980. Building the new West Stand

Early 80's Shelf Side

Early 80's

Early 80's Paxton

View from the Paxton in the early 80's

Park Lane, Mid eighties

1988. The Shelf is boarded up

1988. Scholars horrendous act of vandalism

The Paxton during the 1988 FA Cup Semi Final - Wimbledon v Luton

Park Lane, 1991

The Shelf, or the Pelmet as it was now known to some. Early 1990's

Shelf Side, Early 90's

Mid 90's Park Lane

Late 90's Paxton

The final, complete, White Hart Lane

The start of the new build

White Hart Lane in 2016. A sad sight. Note the uncovering of the original Shelf wall where it joins the Paxton.


1894, pre stadium when the area was still a nursery

1913. Note the banking markings at the Park Lane & Paxton ends. Also note that Worcester Avenue is called Paxton Road and doesn't run all the way through to Northumberland Park!

1938. A bit more familiar, though the shelf side is still in Paxton Road at this time.


  1. Hi
    Minor corrections? The 1962 team group is misplaced in 1951-52 section and it's amazing that same guys cleared snow in both 1963 and 1969! Otherwise brilliant collection. Steve

  2. Brilliant collection, one to be treasured!

  3. Great pics, a lovely reminder of the many changes over the years to the club and stadium.

  4. Those 2 photos from 1938, that's my Grandfather, Albert Page. Heading the ball (1) and partially hidden (2).

  5. What a place, what memories and what a fantastic club. Thank you.

  6. Are you absolutely certain that the photo with youths on the pitch was from 1972? The fashions suggest possibly a couple of years later. Do you know which match this was? But great photos anyway, well done.